Mitigating Dental Fear: How a Dentist in Crawley Puts Patients at Ease

“Dr. Karibe believes that the findings can help develop new cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) methods focused on dealing with these parts of the brain. A Crawley dentist like those practicing at Broadway Dental Care, is no stranger to CBT in dealing with dental anxiety. In fact, it’s the method of choice by many dentists and psychologists.

Simple CBT techniques involve listening to patients’ concerns regarding dental procedures. In one study, it was found that patients who had to rely on sedation dentistry to alleviate dental phobia only needed some pep talk from the professionals to feel at ease. This resulted in a long-term feeling of security that made dental fear a thing of the past for the patients.”


Crawley Emergency Dentist: Special Procedures for Dental Emergencies

“Lacerations inside the mouth can happen from the same unexpected causes as those for broken or knocked teeth. These can result in heavy bleeding, which, when not immediately controlled, can lead to serious consequences like shock, or even death. The bleeding has to be controlled by applying pressure onto the areas using gauze or clean towels.

While pressure can stop the bleeding, it is still advisable to immediately see a reputable emergency dentist in Crawley like Dr. Divian Patel. The cut could get infected or could bleed again if not surgically stitched. The dentist can also prescribe an antibiotic if this is needed.”