No Stumps: Enlisting Your Dentist in Crawley to Extract Teeth Remnants

Sometimes, the worst can happen to a perfectly good tooth. Say you were munching on a beef mince-based dish like stew or shepherd’s pie when, suddenly, you hear an unmistakable crack as you bite down on something hard. You are caught by surprise and you excuse yourself to see what happened, only to find out that one of your molars was cracked whole because of a small pebble that had somehow been mixed with the beef.
Although it may seem like a bizarre case of substandard quality inspections, the prospect of something hard but inedible breaking the tooth is too dangerous to overlook. Nobody may have foreseen such a thing happening, but what matters more now is how to solve the problem. Given that the situation resulted in permanent damage to the crown, the only option may be an appointment with a dentist from Crawley, like the professionals at Broadway Dental Care Ltd.